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Ablerex GR1000 1000VA / 500W UPS w/ LED Display Uninterruptible Power Supply






  • Keeps you going with backup power
  • With up to 30 minutes continuous power, you can go on working during a
    power shortage.
  • You’ll also have enough time to save your work.
  • So you can just pick up where you left off once power resumes.
  • Protects equipment from fluctuating power With numerous fluxes in the power supply, your equipment and data are
    vulnerable to damage or loss.
  • The automatic voltage regulator prevents this by feeding your equipment a stable, constant flow of power – so you can go
    on working smoothly.
  • Provide surge protection for modem/network line
  • Being connected is vital to keeping deadlines and your company’s reputation.
  • This feature gives you reassurance your network will be safe from disruptive power surges.
  • Connects up to 1 workstation or 4 devices


  • Input Voltage 160Vac ~ 290Vac
    Frequency 45Hz ~ 65Hz
  • Output (AC mode) AVR Increase output 15%
    (input -9% ~ -25%)
    Decrease output 15%
    (input +9% ~ +25%)
  • Output (Inv. mode) Voltage 220Vac +/- 10%
    Frequency 50/60Hz +/- 1Hz
    Waveform Simulated Sine Wave
    Capacity 1000VA/500W
    Transfer Time 2ms ~ 6ms Typical
    Backup Time 5 ~ 30mins for typical IT load
  • Battery Voltage 12Vdc
    Type Sealed Maintenance-free
    Lead Acid VRLA Type
    Capacity 12V/9AH
    Quantity 1pc
    Recharge Time 4 ~ 6 hours (to 90%)
  • Function DC Start Yes
    Plug-in Charging Yes
    Site Wiring Fault Indicator Yes
    Advanced Discharge Yes
    Battery Management
  • Display LED (Standard) 3 LEDs for Line, Backup and Fault
    LCD (Optional) Line mode, AVR mode, Backup mode,
    Battery level, Load level, Input Voltage,
    Output Voltage, Faulty and Battery weak.
  • Protection Overload AC mode >100% Input fuse blown and
    Buzzer continuously sounds
    Overload Inverter mode >100% Buzzer continuously
    sounds until battery cut-off
    Short Circuit Shuts down immediately
    Modem (Optional) RJ11
    Network (Optional) RJ45
  • Alarm Battery mode Buzzer sounds every 1sec
    Battery Low Buzzer sounds every 0.1sec

    Physical Dimension (W×H×D) 100 × 140 × 292mm
    Net Weight 5.0kg
    Output Connection*** 4 x Thailand Outlets or
    4 x IEC320 Outlets

    Environment Operation Temperature 0 ~ 40ºC
    Operation Humidity 95% RH Maximum,
    Altitude 1000m without Derating
    Noise Level ≤ 40dB

  • Computer Interface Interface Type (Optional) USB / RS232 Communication
    Compatible Platforms Microsoft Windows Series,
    Linux, Mac, etc.
  • Standards and Certifications Safety Standard IEC/EN 62040-1
    EMC/Surge Standard IEC/EN 62040-2
    Mark CE, RoHS, TISI
    Quality Management ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004

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